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John Galts Anonymous

Objectivist talk
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Welcome to JohnGaltsAnon, a community for Objectivists everywhere.

This community is focused on the tenets of Objectivism, and as such, posts here should generally be related to Objectivism or something Rand-related. All opinions are welcome.

There are, of course, a few etiquette rules to speak on first. Speak your mind, but do so with common courtesy. Bluntness is appreciable, but deliberate rudeness is frowned upon. Ads for non Objectivist-related communities and general trolling will result in being immediately banned from the community.

Above all, please, speak your mind. One can't develop a sense of self when outside opinions are doted on too heavily.

And if there are questions, do not hesitate to contact the maintainer of this community (tears4therandom) by email at pauliestherisnatural@gmail.com .